Learners engaged in parent-driven, school-supported, personalized education in a variety of environments.

Welcome To Mesa Valley Community School

Our Mission:

MVCS creates opportunity for students to pursue a personalized learning plan supported by District and private resources, technology, and a learning community that includes family members, tutors, highly qualified instructors, and specialized consultants.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that personalized learning plans increase the likelihood of genuine engagement by students—especially when the plans support the integrity of the individual and are initiated by those who know the student best, taking into consideration their strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

We believe each person is unique and must be encouraged in his or her individual search for fulfillment.  Each person is also part of a community and must be encouraged in his or her search for common purpose and ways to serve.

We believe that children will grow toward achieving their highest potential when given a safe, nurturing, well-structured, and disciplined environment which balances genuine opportunity for student independence with thoughtful guidance, positive role models, and accountability.

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